• Fast food in America

    Fast food places are the most common types of restaurants in America. The competition is hard, and all of them fight for market share by searching for areas where to improve competitive advantage.

    Five Guys, more expensive than the others, justifies it's price by the fact that you can totally personalize your burger. During the queue, they provide you with free peanuts. My favorite part is their strong partnership with Coca-Cola which provides more than 20 different types of taste.

    Fast food in America


    Wendy's went into a niche as superior fast food. They provide premium burgers and salads. 

    Cook Out plays on the price, eating there will cost only 4$ and you can also personalize your menu by choosing four different things.


    Fast food in America


    Sonic is open 24/7 and they have an easy drive-in service with many booths to order from so you don't need to wait in the queue.

    McDonald's is well known as the fast food giant with a strong brand image despite it's below average food quality.

    All fast food places try to create their own atmosphere. For example Burger King is easily identifiable by their crown.

    All of them have advertisements everywhere on the road. I am sure sometimes you can see more than 20 of them in 10 minutes.


    Fast food in America


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